Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Midnight flits

About midnight,I went to a convenience store near my house.

I thought I wanted to drink something,so I went there.

It took me about 10 minutes to get there by car.

It was a short drive,and I did not see other cars...

At a convieniece store called "Thanks",I bought a Yukijirushi coffee (it cost 100 yen),and I bought a pack of cigarette.

I heard that here in japan it would be rainning tomorrow.

Monday, May 26, 2008

historical amnesia

I went to the dentist,after that,I ate dinner and I slept.

I forgot what kind of foods I ate at dinner...

This must be an amnesia.

I have woke up untill morning.
5 minutes ago,I took a leisurely stroll near my house.

I enjoyed fine weather.The weather's perfect.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What I can say with confidence is that,,,

I think I have to sleep now.
Because,I have to go to dentist today.

The dentist gave me pointers on how to care for my teeth.

I don't know why,,,I think that girls in dentist are very cute.

I can't bear the thought of whining drill,but if dental hygienists are beautiful,and even if there are negative dental experience,,,I can stand it.

So,anyway,I will go outside a little,and I will watch the sun and after that I will sleep soon.

Now the time is 5 am.

Just on the tip of my tongue.

Today,I have not done anything.
Today was a sunday...

Nay,,,I almost forgot this.
I went to the library near my house.
And,I borrowed some books from the library.

I like tranquility of a library.
But,sometimes there are people with severe body odor...

Today also,I met some such a people in a library.

I had to avoid a disaster,so I had an escape.

The best strategy is to run away.

I don't intend to take refuge in cynicism.
I am just a bromidrophobia.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

nap at home

I have a nap time routine.

Especially,while I am travelling,I cannot get through a day without a nap.

When I was a businessman in japan,I thought "I wish I could take a nap everyday".
In an office,I worked from 9 to 6,and I don't take an afternoon nap.

But,,,I know that many japanese businessmen grab a nap.
In particular,japanese door-to-door peddlers often sleep while they work.

Napping spots are park or car.

Today also,I spent most of the day taking a nap.
In my dream,I ate a Japanese vermicelli.

Then,I don't know why,,,in the evening,the dinner was a japanese vermicelli.

It was prophetic dream.

There's nothing like Japanese vermicelli during the summer.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Outsider's perspective

Outsider's perspective

Folly and learning often dwell together.

Now,I am sitting in my chair in my room.

Here in japan,it is 23:18 o'clock.
I am exposed to a warm environment.
It's hot!!!

Some people say,"They must hunger in frost that will not work in heat.",,,I cannot believe in such a phrase.

I can not work like an ant.
I just want to live my life from a spectator's standpoint.


Tonight,I ate curry rice.
Curry is a type of food from India,consisting of meat or vegetables in a spicy sauce.
But,,,japanese curry is different from indian curry,I think so.

I like both japanese curry and indian curry.

In japan,rice is the main crop grown in the area.

Anyway,today,I had nothing to do except drawing pictures...


This is the first post.

After this,I will eat something.
Eating something is good for me.