Saturday, May 24, 2008

nap at home

I have a nap time routine.

Especially,while I am travelling,I cannot get through a day without a nap.

When I was a businessman in japan,I thought "I wish I could take a nap everyday".
In an office,I worked from 9 to 6,and I don't take an afternoon nap.

But,,,I know that many japanese businessmen grab a nap.
In particular,japanese door-to-door peddlers often sleep while they work.

Napping spots are park or car.

Today also,I spent most of the day taking a nap.
In my dream,I ate a Japanese vermicelli.

Then,I don't know why,,,in the evening,the dinner was a japanese vermicelli.

It was prophetic dream.

There's nothing like Japanese vermicelli during the summer.

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